The dynamics of communication with the RIGHT CUSTOMERS is provided by a combination of targeted advertising with chat bots in messengers.



Chatbot installed:to your

  • to Facebook page
  • to Instagram profile
  • to your Website (link to FB Messenger or Telegram)

In addition, the chatbot is activated when someone comments on posts or stories on the topic. 

THEN, when the conditions and the number of vacationers allow, launch Targeted Advertising on Facebook/Instagram by geolocation for the whole city, or to the beach you need, with well-configured demographic targeting.

CASE: 01/05/21, in Tenerife, at the Playa Las Vistas beach point, for 5 EUR per day, 600 vacationers saw an advertisement with a transition to such a Chatbot, 116 were interested, and 11 of them signed up for a dive.

A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER, lying on the beach, sitting in a bar or relaxing in a hotel, is scrolling through Facebook or Instagram on his phone and suddenly sees an ad in the feed.

Like this, for example…

Hey! How do you feel in “Our City”? Have you already been  at the beach “Beach”? It’s nice, isn’t it…
Do you want to know the main secret of “Our City”?

Oh… if you approach the seashore… there, a little further, is there Another World, mysterious and unknown? It’s not easy to get there, you need a Special Ticket for this. They are few…

The Underwater World is waiting for you…
and come.

Find Details in the TICKET 👇🏼

Ticket to underwater world

A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER clicks on an ad and gets into the Chatbot.

Now close this page, return to the messenger and click the START button.
I will show you the path of the Potential Client.