Chatbot: Ticket to underwater world


Are you a Resort Dive Center Owner, Instructor or Divemaster?
Then you know how much effort, money and time it takes to persuade vacationers on the beach to Intro-Dive. And to work the season to the fullest, you have only 3 months, not counting storms…

I offer for FREE:

✅ Connect this Chatbot to your Facebook and Instagram Business Page
✅ Minilanding. Web page with a link to both Chatbots
✅ URL links to both Chatbots
✅ Recommendations for using this Chatbot in advertising campaigns
Or just put landing page or links anywhere you would normally promote…
💰 The normal cost of such chatbot is 300€ for one messenger. +100€ for each additional one (Options: Facebook / Instagram / Telegram)
By the beginning of the 2022 season, I am ready to install
THE OFFER IS VALID as long as you can see and read it 🙂
So it means… Today – YES!

And Targeted Advertising 🤔 … We’ll speak!🙂

For example:

  • May 1, 2021, in Tenerife (there is already a season)
  • Within a 1km radius of Playa Las Vistas beach
  • For 5 EUR per day, 600 vacationers would see an ad with a link to this Chatbot, 116 would be interested…
Think about it!
Close this page, go back to the messenger and write to me right now 👌🏼
See You…